Am I Worth It?

You don’t think you’re worth it child? Don’t you know I bought you out of slavery because I saw you as worthy? Child I spilled my blood and died, to buy you back. I gave all I had for you, down to my last breath. Receive what I give you with thanksgiving, and the knowledge that it’s because I love you; genuinely and passionately. Forget me not darling. I’m always here to buy you back, if there is ever a need. I have covered that payment a million times over.

Instead of focusing on the grace you are spending, focus on growing closer to me. It is going to require you to stretch, and at times this can be uncomfortable, but the closer to Me you grow, the more like Me you become. The more like Me you become, the easier your troubles get, as the distance between us shrinks.

I love you, sweetly, wildly, passionately, and infinitely. Take this knowledge and operate in the freedom from bondage I have given you. This freedom is not for you to do as you please, but rather a freedom to get up and walk towards me, when you are surrounded by feelings and people, ready to cast their stones at your tattered heart. My blood covered it all, so take my hand and come with me Beloved.

When I look at you, I see the strength and beauty I gave you. My heart is overjoyed when you begin to see the gifts I have given you. I will continue to shower my love on you. The longer you lock your eyes with mine, the more clearly you will see these gifts I have bestowed upon you. They are not from your world, but they’re from my world, and this causes you to struggle with seeing and using them. I gave your gifts to you, so bring them to me and you will find they are much greater than you imagined. I will teach you to see them and to use them. Simply stay in my arms.
I love you more than you’ll ever know. My heart dances for you, longs to have you by my side.

Because I love you, you are worthy. Because I love you, I have redeemed you.

I will quiet you with my steadfast love. Embrace its purity and healing in your soul. Good things I have for you. Will you trust me to lead you to goodness and joy? Do you trust me enough to believe I am here to pick you up and rescue you, rather than harm you? My hands hold no stones, only the scars of the debts I paid for you. Will you take my hand and walk with me?

Let me quiet you with my love, and your heart will awaken to a new joy. All you must do is walk hand in hand with me. When you grow weak, I will carry you and remind you of the strength I have given you. I love you enough to let you choose if want to be with me. Just know that my heart desirers you and loves you more deeply than you could know. So love, will you take my hand? Will you let me pick you up and carry you away from the crowd and their stones?

Trust me Beloved,




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